About The Triathlete Hub –

My passion for triathlons started in 2014, like most it started with a goal of a 70.3 in mind. I set out with that goal in mind and a printed online workout plan. With no clue on how to train or where to train I made some mistakes and learned quite a bit about the sport, mostly the hard way. However I finished the 2014 season with a 70.3 finish, but it wasn’t the prettiest. However leading me to invest all my time and money into the sport for the following season and 140.6 goal in mind. I set out to learn everything I possibly could about triathlons.

About Triathlons

Fast forward three years and multiple 140.6, 70.3, sprints and olympic finishes gave way to an extensive amount of experience. Triathlons became much more than a goal but rather a passion. I compete as an age grouper like so many do. As in reality I’m sure like me you have kids, jobs, and a family. Competing in triathlons has even given my wife the triathlon bug. It’s a contagious sport where experience and training can lead to one of the greatest accomplishments in your life.


Training is 99% of the game. Someone once told me the race is just a victory lap. Which is rightly so, traning 9 months for a race is by all means insane. There’s a lot of ways to do it and when I first started I read and listened to as much content as possible, learning about triathlons.


It isn’t cheap! However when you look at the sport as a healthy lifestyle it makes it easier to swallow the cost. There are a lot products and gear choices that can be made to ensure you can complete your first triathlon all the way to your Ironman qualifier.


Balancing life and training is one of the hardest aspects about triathlons. It is no easy task, however it can be done with tips and tricks to capitalize on your time.