Best Double Jogging Stroller

When we had our second child we were curious how we would be able to go for runs and stay active. Instead of staying home and not working out or training, we decided to look for the best double jogging stroller for our kids. Thankfully, we found that there were many models to choose from and it made going for runs quite easy. However, to help find the best double jogging stroller we have put together a list of the best makes and models to make the decision easier.

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BOB Revolution Flex Duallie – The Best Double Jogging Stroller best double jogging stroller

Rating – 10
Cost – $$$
Weight Capacity – 50 lbs per seat

When it comes to finding the best double jogging stroller, BOB makes some of the best strollers. Designed to work on just about any type of surface and still easily carry two kids and all of your gear. The BOB Flex Duallie is offered in three different colors, black/grey, red/black, and blue/black. Therefore, you get a few options to select from. I prefer the darker colors since my kids always seem to spill and stain everything.

The BOB Flex Duallie is one of the premium models when it comes to a stroller. Not only does it fit two children with a seat capacity of 50 lbs each, but if you have an infant seat. The stroller can accommodate the Britax B-Safe car seats as well. Personally, we actually were able to use this double stroller with our second child at a very young age. This made for getting out of the house and going for runs much easier.

Design & Build –

As you begin to look over the BOB Duallie you’ll notice that it’s built on a solid steel frame. As a result, the stroller doesn’t bend or strain under any type of running conditions. Plus with the BOB exclusive “Flex” system it provides your kids with a comfortable ride. Fixed on either side of the stroller are small shocks that help to absorb the road or trail conditions while you run. I’ve noticed my kid’s heads and body’s don’t bounce around as much as a stroller that is fixed without any shocks.

The fabric and material used for the seats is a soft cushion material. However, it does offer some water resistance to help with cleaning the surface from spills or stains. Most of the fabric is a non-absorbent fabric which if you happen to be on a run in the rain it won’t get heavy or hold moisture.

Finally, the wheels and tires used for the BOB flex can be pumped up to add plenty of cushion from trails or roads. We found that they don’t have to be pumped up much, they tend to hold their pressure well. The rear wheel is made of heavy-duty plastic and is oversized compared to the front wheel. This way you can roll over and carry running momentum quite easily.

Features –

Some of the best features the BOB Duallie has is an easy two-step folding capability. Therefore, if you have to load this into an SUV or car it can fold up in a matter of seconds. I will say since it is a double stroller it can be a little heavy so be aware of the weight. The second feature that really stood out was that the running handle is fully adjustable. Therefore, if you and your spouse are different height it can accommodate any height with the help of a simple click button.

Lastly, many runners prefer a solid front wheel, but once you slow down a swivel wheel is more desirable. As a result, BOB has incorporated both on this model. With a switch of a lever, this stroller can be a solid wheel or swivel wheel. There are plenty of more features and benefits that make this the best double jogging stroller, be sure to check them all out.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 – The Best Double Jogging Stroller best double jogging stroller

Rating – 9.7
Cost – $$$
Weight Capacity – 50 lbs per seat

Since 1984, Baby Jogger has created some of the best strollers in the industry, however, the best double jogging stroller model is their Summit X3 Double. It comes in at a close number two to the BOB Flex Duallie. However, it’s packed with plenty of great jogging features and benefits. The stroller is made of a heavy-duty steel frame that supports 100 lbs of seated weight capacity. Therefore, your children can still utilize this car seat as they grow and get bigger.

The overall weight of the stroller is about 37 pounds, which seems heavy. However, due to the oversized wheels, it moves very easily on hard surfaces from pavement to dirt trails. The Summit X3 really allows you to travel anywhere with this. From blacktop roads to gravel paths the stroller is designed to push through any condition. Thanks to the three wheels that are air-filled, the rear is 16″ and the front is 12″ providing plenty of ground travel.

Design & Build –

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is one of the best double jogging stroller models if you have two kids. Designed to seat your children next to each, it gives them the ability to see each other and play together. I find that our kids can hand each other drinks and snacks without me having to stop and help. Plus with the added wide stance of a side-by-side stroller, it makes this stroller very stable.

The stroller is built with two sun shades one for each child. This way you can go for a run in the middle of the summer and know that your kids will be protected from harmful UV rays. The sun shades have a very large range of motion so you can easily shade your kids from head to toe.

When it comes to folding and storing the Summit X3 in your vehicle or garage. It folds up with just one step. Simply lift the strap and the best double jogging stroller model folds itself. It’s really nice to have a stroller of this size fold up so easily. No one wants a stroller you have to fight with just to get it in your vehicle.

Features –

The best feature that the Summit X3 has is the remote swivel lock. When it comes to jogging strollers having a fixed wheel can be quite a benefit. Instead of having to switch something by the front wheel. Baby Jogger designed a remote swivel lock that allows you to lock the wheel at the handlebar. With the flip of a switch, you can go from a swivel wheel to a locked wheel. I found this feature perfect for running in cities or sidewalks where you need to maneuver around cars or other people.

Lastly, the other feature we really like was that the stroller had a brake on the handlebar. So you could slow the stroller down as you went down a hill. Some other models just had a locking brake, whereas the Summit X3 gave you the ability to use it while you ran. Overall, this is the best double jogging stroller from Baby Jogger and we were impressed with how easy it was to run with.

Thule Urban Glide 2.0 – The Best Double Jogging Stroller best double jogging stroller

Rating – 9.5
Cost – $$
Weight Capacity – 50 lbs per seat

If you’ve ever purchased a bike rack for your prized triathlon bike you’ve probably come across Thule. The company is one of the leading manufactures of bike racks. Therefore, they took their knowledge and applied it to the best double jogging stroller model the Urban Glide 2.0. This rugged yet sleek stroller is the perfect dual purpose stroller. It functions and looks fantastic when using at the store, or around town. However, it can also be used as an all-around jogging stroller.

Since the early 1940’s Thule has been creating top of the line products. The Urban Glide 2.0 Double is just one of the great products that Thule makes for outdoor athletic parents. The build and overall look of the Thule Urban Glide is one of the best. It’s lightweight and minimalist, making it perfect for running and jogging. The stroller has a heavy duty frame that supports the weight of two children up to 100 lbs. However, you even have some added storage space underneath for kids toys, drinks, or snacks.

Design & Build –

The Urban Glide is a well-designed stroller, built for two kids to ride next to each other similar to the other models on this list. Each seat is wide enough for growing children. They even have their own safety harness that helps to lock them in tightly while you are running. Plus each seat has their own independent sunshade that is fully adjustable. Lastly, the stroller seats can be adjusted to allow your child to recline. I’ve found this design to be really helpful in the even your child falls asleep. All you have to do is recline the seat and they can lay comfortably.

Thule has designed this model with a suspension system to make the ride smooth and comfortable for your kids. Hence, if you are running on a rough trail or even going over sidewalk cracks it adds some absorption for your children. Plus with the oversized 16″ rear wheel that are air-filled your children will have one comfortable ride as you go for a run. Don’t forget the front wheel can swivel making it very easy to maneuver around people and cars if you are running in town. However, if you plan on running long straights you can lock the wheel with a simple lever.

Aside from the appearance and design, Thule has designed the best double jogging stroller model of theirs to fold up and collapse. With one hand you can fold the stroller up with ease. This makes it extremely easy to toss in your vehicle or garage for storage. We found that this model seems to be the most compact when we collapsed the stroller.

Features –

The best feature the Thule Urban Glide has to offer is an integrated hand brake. The brake is a twist model that allows you to add or decrease brake tension for speed control up or down hills. Similar to a throttle they brake is easy to use and offers a lot of freedom while running.

The second feature that we really were impressed with was that Thule has a series of add-ons from car seat adapters, snack trays, to even rain covers that are all compatible with the Urban Glide 2.0. Lastly, this stroller is one of the lightest models at just 34 pounds. So it made it very easy to load into a vehicle or go jogging long distances. Overall this is one of the best double jogging stroller models that you can get. It’s even one of the least expensive even though it has some of the best features.

There’s a number of reasons to buy triathlon training equipment, but when you can not only benefit yourself but your kids too. It’s a no-brainer. However, some people struggle with figuring out how to train with a stroller. Therefore, first, we want to give you some situations where a stroller is perfect for triathlon training and still fun for the kids.

Hill Repeats With The Best Jogging Stroller –

If hill repeats weren’t hard enough grab a stroller with kids and run up and down! If you do this enough times, any hill during a race is going to seem like a breeze. Strollers seem like they would be quite heavy especially if you have a double. However, if you do get the best double jogging stroller model for your kids they can roll very easily and training with one is only going to help you.

I also like running hill repeats with kids because it’s usually a shorter run time. This way if you pack some snacks and a water bottle to share, your kids can easily stay content for 45 mins to an hour. Additionally, any time I’ve brought my kids they seem to love the idea of going up the hill and running fast back down.

Track Workout With The Best Double Jogging Stroller –

If you can fit in a track workout each week this is one of my favorite times to bring out the jogging stroller. It’s always a flat and level surface so pushing a stroller is very easy. Plus if you ever need to run back to the car to change a diaper or grab some snacks you’re less than 400m away!

Additionally, most tracks have a fence so if you have one older child who doesn’t want to ride in the stroller. You can simply let them play on the field while still keeping an eye on them as you get your laps in.

Recovery Runs With The Best Double  Jogging Stroller –

My second favorite running workout is doing a recovery run with a jogging stroller. If you have some soft gravel or dirt trails in the woods like I do. The kids seem to love checking out the wildlife that crosses the trail. Plus since its a recovery ride you can always stop to let the kids out and play around a bit. The trails that I’ve found seem to also be shaded so you don’t have to worry about the sun beating down on your child as you run.

When our kids were younger going for a run always seemed to put them to sleep. What better way to get your run in while your kids take a nap. Maybe it was the little bumps and fresh air but our kids loved going for rides in the stroller.

Park Runs With The Best Double Jogging Stroller –

As our kids got older and took fewer naps, we had to think of another idea to take them in the stroller. Therefore, we could ask our children to go for a run to the park. Thankfully, we live in a community where most neighborhoods have parks. This way I could plan a 2-3 mile run to a park, let the kids play for a little while and run back. To keep the kids entertained I would pick new parks. Let me tell you nothing is cooler for a 3-year-old than exploring new parks!

Park runs are one of the best ways to get those weekday training runs in. Kids seem to love heading to a park and riding along. Plus before you know it the kids are worn out and ready for bed by the time you get back home.

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