Best Insoles For Flat Feet

Sometimes, the insoles in your shoes just don’t cut it. They can be uncomfortable, wear down easily, or just not fit your feet well. Shoes aren’t designed to fit all foot types, especially if you have flat feet. So what are the best insoles for flat feet? What about the best arch support insoles for flat feet? If you have knee pain, what are the best insoles for flat feet and knee pain? Let’s find out.

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Powerstep Pinnacle | The Best Insoles For Flat Feet –

best insoles for flat feet

  • Cushy
  • Top fabric is anti-microbial
  • Versatile

Powerstep has been around since 1991. Founded by a foot surgeon, the business helped those who needed a good sole to help with foot pain. Before then, good insoles were a bit pricey if you wanted them to work.

Twenty-seven years later, Powerstep is still going strong, and their insoles are available in quite a few places, including in the Amazon link in the description.


This little insole can do quite a lot. It has a foam base made of EVA foam, which is one of the cushiest foams around. It’s dual-layered and is paired with variable cushioning, which helps meet the needs of most people. Because of its design, it’s very flexible despite its firmness and it can help with arch support.

This sole works for people who are dealing with foot pain, or just for those who want to help prevent it down the line. It works for quite a few foot problems, including pronation, metatarsal pain, flat feet, and various other problems as well. It fits with most types of shoes without needing to be trimmed.

Powerstep is known for its versatility, and as such, it fits for all sorts of situations.


These Powerstep insoles are good for those who have flat feet and other foot problems. With its shock-absorbing design and comfort, this insole is good for various situations. If you’re a runner, these can help enhance your game. If you hike, these handle the most rugged terrain. Those who go to the gym or play sports will find use out of these insoles as well. It handles the cold of snowboarding and the heat of the beach.

If you have foot problems, you should see a doctor if it persists. However, for mild foot pain, you can’t go wrong with these insoles. They can help those who have problems with their feet, and even those who don’t.

Sof Sole Air | The Best Insoles For Flat Feet –

best insoles for flat feet

  • Air bubbles help prevent shock
  • Designed to keep feet cool
  • Nylon helps to align the insoles

Like Powerstep, Sof Soles has been around since 1991 as well. In that short time, it’s become one of the biggest names in soles around. They have various products for all your foot needs, whether you’re an athlete, someone who is casually into working out, or just for people who need more comfort in their lives. Sof Soles strives to be more comfortable than the competition, always improving how we use an insole. With that said, how are their insoles?


The Sof Sole is created from nylon. This helps to support your arches no matter how you’re in motion. Whether you’re sitting down or running a marathon, these insoles are designed to fit. Their air bubbles are carefully placed in order to absorb the most shocks. Being an athlete, your feet experience shock all the time, and it’s good that this brand knows how to get their insoles to help absorb everything. The fabric is made from COOLMAX, specially designed so that your feet stay dry and cool despite all the working out you do.

So what about the sizing? When it comes to insoles, some are one size fits all, and others are specially designed to fit a certain size. Well, the Sof insoles are designed for men’s shoes, and it’s available in four sizes. There are sizes for 7-8.5,  9-10.5, 11-12.5, and 13-14. If your feet are not in this range, or if you are a woman, you may want to look elsewhere.


The Sof Sole insole is good for those who have flat feet or have low arches. How does this work? The Sof Sole insole helps to align low arches due to its nylon stability plate. This helps you control your motion no matter what you do. For those who have flat feet, this insole helps to absorb shocks and fits comfortably for any situation. It’s not only good for athletes, but good for normal usage as well. Walking around at the mall, lounging around, or mildly exercising are just some of the situations you can use it for. Whether you have flat feet, or just need more comfort in your insoles, Sof is a good insole to have.

Superfeet BLUE | The Best Insoles For Flat Feet –best insoles for flat feet

  • Designed for extra comfort
  • Fits almost any size
  • Good for neutral arches

Superfeet has been around for much longer than some insole makers. They’ve been in the business for over 40 years, and have been studying the science of the perfect insole ever since. Their insoles claim to be different than your other brands, carefully crafted for your foot’s design. They want to make the insole that gives the feeling of natural feet, believing that an insole is just as important to your health as a good mattress.


This insole is created from dense foam that is comfortable and designed to last a long time. The insole itself is medium-arched, allowing for the best support possible for those with that arch type, while the supports are closed-cell, providing the best comfort. Superfeet’s insoles are designed for almost every shoe size and footwear out there. Whether you have big feet, small feet, boots, heels, running shoes, and almost any other footwear, the insole should be able to fit. Superfeet is quite durable and helps keep your feet cool and dry. In order to do that, they use an all-natural coating that eliminates bacteria. Also, their shoe lacks any latex and they’re quite open with their insole being vegan friendly.


Like all the other insoles before it, Superfeet is designed for those who have flat feet. They help to support your feet by giving a comfortable, fitting insole that’s good for most situations. Even if your insole is not removable, you may be able to use their insole to your advantage. There are quite a few uses for this product, and someone who has flat feet, or is just a star athlete, may be surprised at what it can do for them. Superfeet Blue is also designed for people who have neutral arches. For those with high arches, check out

Superfeet GREEN | The Best Insoles For Flat Feet –best insoles for flat feet

  • Comfortable
  • Fitting
  • For High Arches

Here is another insole from Superfeet. We talked about the company before on the last product, so we won’t be repeating ourselves about the company information. Let’s dive into the product, shall we?


So what is the difference between Superfoot Blue and Superfoot Green? One may think that Superfoot Green is the environmentally conscious brother of Superfoot Blue, good for those who want to be more in tune with their surroundings. However, this is not the case. At first glance, it appears they are just different colors with nothing else setting them apart. Again, not the case.

Superfeet has a unique color-coding scheme for different types of arches. For those who have low arches, the black, yellow, carbon, and a few others are designed for those. For those who have neutral arches, the blue is, of course, good for it, and so is the berry, hot pink, and a few others. Then, there are insoles for high arches. These are green, orange, gray, and a few others as well. When buying a Superfeet product, consider your arch size. This can help you make a better decision when picking out your arch. The last thing you want is to get the wrong insole. Besides that, this insole has all the same features as the one before it. Just look at the previous review if you want to know more about it.


These are good for people who have high arches on their feet. It’s designed to fit around those types of arches and give you the best fit it can muster. Like the previous insole, it provides comfort while giving you cushion if you’re an athlete. No matter your situation, Superfeet is, well, super for all different types of people. We highly recommend you try them out. Just remember to look at your arch and see which type of Superfeet insole you need.

Physix Gear | The Best Insoles For Flat Feet –best insoles for flat feet

  • Non-slip
  • Made from EVA foam
  • Good for all different foot situations

Physix Gear is a family-owned business that’s aimed at trying to appeal to the customer more. While that’s the goal of many companies, Physix Gear finds that many in the fitness industry are too focused on profit. Therefore, Physix Gear believes that there should be no hassle with returning the product and does offer free gifts for those who are loyal to their brand. Physix Gear is a new company, founded just three years ago in 2015. For some people, this may imply that they do not have enough experience in insoles to have much of an input about them. However, you may be wrong about that. Let’s look at their insole and see what it has to offer.


Physix Gear’s insoles are designed to support those who have foot problems, and it does so thanks to its material. It’s made from a mix of EVA and PU materials, and it’s crafted so that it can be as comfortable as possible while making sure you give the best athletic performance you can possibly give. They are quite versatile, allowing you comfort while on the track, or even during a customer service job. Their insoles are designed so that they won’t slip. With cheaper insoles, they tend to slip and slide around. This means that you may have a poor fit, and it could be dangerous if you’re running around. Physix Gear makes sure this isn’t happening to you by giving you the best insole experience possible.

And, just like the company promised, is insole is risk-free. Meaning if you don’t like it, you can return it for a refund.


This insole is great for those who have various foot problems. Of course, they’re good for flat feet, but they are also good for Achilles heel, runner’s knee, and various types of pain that come with strenuous activity. It may be able to even help with your back pain. These insoles work for those who just want comfort as well, though they are more focused for those on the go.

Powerstep Original | The Best Insoles For Flat Feet –best insoles for flat feet

  • No trimming
  • Made from dual layer
  • Cushy for your foot

So we’re back to Powerstep again. We already discussed what this company is, so you may be wondering what exactly is the difference between the Pinnacle and this one, which is the original. What are the differences? Let’s find out.


Powerstep has four different types: Original, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Plus, and Pinnacle Maxx. For someone new to Powerstep, this may sound quite confusing. Well, the difference all depends on the amount of cushioning it has.

For the Original, it has a thin design. This is good for people who have shoes that don’t leave much toe room. The Pinnacle is cushier than the Original, giving more comfort and shock absorption. It’s good for people who experience pain with their feet. The Pinnacle Plus provides more cushioning, bringing in a metatarsal pad. This helps for people who have Morton’s Neuroma. Then, there’s the Maxx. This one has an inner shell that is good for people who have overpronation.

Besides those differences, this product does have all the same features depending on which you get.


As mentioned, the Original is a thinner brand of insole. This means that’s it works best when your shoes don’t have much toe room. Thicker insoles may cramp up your shoes and make them uncomfortable. These are great for flat footed people who don’t have much foot problems beyond that. We do respect Powerstep and how much they have to offer in the insole department. They do have a use for every type of foot, it seems.

WalkHero | The Best Insoles For Flat Feet –best insoles for flat feet

  • EVA foam
  • Versatile
  • Risk-free purchasing

Not much is known about WalkHero, the creator of these insoles. They do have a Facebook and an Amazon page, but it doesn’t reveal much about the company’s history or vision. They’re just a company that sells insoles and doesn’t have anything else to show to the world. Even though a mystery is always a bit irritating, we do have to respect a company that is just here to sell the insoles and then move on with their day. With that said, what are the features of WalkHero’s insoles?


The features of WalkHero are that they provide you with long-lasting comfort. They’re created with EVA material, as most quality insoles are. If you’ve read up to this point, you know EVA is shock absorbent and can help your feet maintain coolness. They’re versatile, making them ideal for those who have foot pain, those who have comfort, and those who have an athletic lifestyle. In other words, they have similar features to most of the insoles we’ve described so far. Because they do not have their own website and little presence beyond an Amazon store, WalkHero’s insoles are more affordable than most, yet their quality still stands above budget insoles you’d find at a store. They also boast some unique designs for their insoles. You can buy them plain, or you can buy them with designs such as a colorful full imprint on their soles. There are many different types of insoles you can try out thanks to their variety and colorful designs.


WalkHero’s insoles are primarily designed for those who have flat feet. They’re good for those who have an athletic lifestyle or for those who want comfort. Because of their affordability, they are useful for those on a budget as well. Overall, WalkHero is a type of insole that has quite a bit of power to it, and we guarantee you’ll like it.

Sole Lab | The Best Insoles For Flat Feet –best insoles for flat feet

  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Helps to reduce pain in your feet
  • Very adaptive

These insoles are from Sole Lab. This is a company that has a modern, Millennial aesthetic to it, and being a newer company, it’s small, but packs a punch. They were created as a response to insoles that lacked style and power, but cost too much for what they were worth. Their goal was to create insoles for  people of all walks of life.

Like many Internet-based companies, Sole Lab’s claim to fame is that there is no middle man. You pay online and it’s shipped directly to the customer. There are no expensive advertisements that raise the prices of the soles, and instead their budget focuses on the quality of their insoles and what they can do for you.

What makes Sole Lab interesting as well is their insole design. The insoles often have unique colors and patterns to them. Since they are a younger company that appeals to a younger audience, they do realize that many younger folks like to express themselves. Even a product that few people will pay attention to, such as their insoles, may be something a young person wants to be expressive about.


These insoles are designed to be lightweight, interlocking, and comfortable for those of all foot types. They are created from their specialized EVA foam, which is designed for comfort and athletic performance as well. They act like mattresses when you’re sitting down, and when you’re running, they can help spring you to the finish line. The material they use can have different reactions depending on the situation you put them in. This helps the insole to stay comfortable and give the best performance. Designed to interlock with the shape of your foot, Sole Labs insoles are good for flat feet, bad arches, and all other foot problems. You can step in, and your feet connect to the insoles without much problems. You don’t have to worry about the insoles not fitting or falling off when you’re running.


Sole Labs insoles are good for people who have flat feet and other foot problems. In addition, they can help relieve pain for those who are athletic or have foot pain. They’re designed for people of all foot types, athletic skills, and are good for relaxing as well. Sole Labs does claim to have a complete money back guarantee, which gives you less financial risk than some other insole companies, who ignore you if you have a problem with their insoles.

With that, these are some of the best insoles you can find. Many people take insoles for granted, but if you have flat feet or other foot problems, they can be a lifesaver. We can’t tell you which one is the best out of all these, as they do have their own purpose and use. We say to check out each brand and decide what you like the best.

What about you? What are your favorite insole types? Did they help you with your foot problems? Which do you feel didn’t leave an impression?

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