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When it comes to triathlon training as an age group athlete your job, traveling, or even your kid’s schedules are hard to train around. Therefore, if you can find tools or equipment to help train and take the kids with you it not only saves some time, but you get to hang out with the family at the same time. I know for myself at times I feel guilty how much time it takes away from being with my kids. This is why I started looking for the best jogging stroller as soon as my kids were old enough to tag along with me on my runs.

Instead of just going to the store and picking out the cheapest model. I decided to talk with everyone I trained with to see what strollers they had and how they felt on an actual run. Therefore, the following strollers are all tested and will make for a great running stroller, however, there is one that is the best jogging stroller for running.

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BOB Revolution Flex – The Best Jogging Stroller # 1

Rating – 10.0
Tire – Swivel
Capacity -0 – 75 Poundsbest jogging stroller

The Revolution FLEX is the best jogging stroller when you’re planning on running. The oversized tubular tires allow this jogging stroller to go over just about any type of terrain. If you run on concrete, blacktop, dirt, gravel, or trails the stroller pushes right through. Plus with the swivel tire, it makes it effortless to steer at any speeds. Which is why this not only perfect for jogging, but for going to the park or store as well. Don’t forget this can even be used as an infant stroller as well. If you have the Britax B-Safe 35 infant seat it can attach to this jogging stroller.

Design & Build –

The Revolution FLEX weighs only 28.5 lbs and is built with a durable and strong steel tube frame. This helps support your child from infant all the way to 75 pounds. The frame doesn’t bend, twist, or flex under any pressure or strain you put on it. If you are wondering where the “FLEX” name comes from, BOB uses a state-of-the-art suspension system that gives the stroller 3 inches of travel and 2 weight adjustments. This way it supports your child and offers them an ultra-smooth ride.

Features –

Most of them stroller can be quite large, however, with an easy 2-step fold up the Revolution can pack up and be stored in your vehicle or garage. When it comes to the running features you receive. BOB has really thought of everything. Instead of creating a fixed padded handle, they offer nine adjustment levels. This way it can accommodate every size runner. With just a click of the buttons, you can adjust it between users.

Lastly, the swivel front wheel makes this stroller extremely easy to maneuver around. However, many people prefer a non-steering tire for running to help keep it straight. Well BOB actually designed this model to not only swivel but lock as well in a fixed position. This offers you the best of both worlds. Overall the BOB Revolution is the best jogging stroller model on the market.

Thule Urban Glide 2.0 – The Best Jogging Stroller # 2

Rating – 9.3
Tire – Swivel
Capacity -0 – 75 Poundsbest jogging stroller

If you’ve ever purchased a bike rack for your prized triathlon bike you’ve probably come across Thule. The company is one of the leading manufactures of bike racks. Therefore, they took their knowledge and applied it to the best jogging stroller model the Urban Glide 2.0. This rugged yet sleek stroller is the perfect dual purpose stroller. It functions and looks fantastic when using at the store, or around town. However, it can also be used as an all-around jogging stroller.

Offered in four different colors it does give you a few more options to fit your style or preferences.

Build & Design –

The Thule Urban Glide is built with strength and durability in mind. Since Thule is known for creating strong aluminum and steel bike racks they applied those same materials for this jogging stroller. The design is simplistic and nothing is bulky or cheap. Instead, this stroller was built with running in mind. There is ample storage underneath the kid’s seat that can close. Most strollers are open and if you hit a bump you can lose some items, but not with the Thule Glide.

Features –

When it comes to storing the Thule Urban Glide it has one of the most compact takedowns. With one hand you can fold up the stroller and store it in your vehicle for transport or in a tight spot in your home. Similar to other jogging models Thule has their own built-in suspension system to make it a smoother ride for your child. Plus they even added a running handbrake. The brake is a twist-design that allows you to added braking pressure when running down or up hills. This feature alone makes this one of the best jogging strollers available.  However, if your curious about the child safety features, Thule has a 5-point child harness and a protective canopy to keep your child secure and out of the sun while running.

Joovy Zoom – The Best Jogging Stroller # 3

Rating – 9.0
Tire – Swivel
Capacity -0 – 75 Pounds

If you’re looking for the best jogging stroller when it comes to lightweight construction. The Joovy Zoom 360 is an aluminum ultralight high-performance stroller that is perfect for jogging or walking. The Joovy Zoom is constructed and designed similar to high end jogging strollers. However, it comes in at a much more budget-friendly option than the higher end brands.

Build & Design –

The Joovy Zoom is constructed of 16″ rear wheels and a front 12″ wheel, providing excellent ground travel. With a larger wheel, you can roll over gravel, dirt, and hard surfaces with great ease. Additionally, the front wheel swivels making it extremely easy to navigate tight areas and trails.

The overall chair design is a bit unique, as it tends to sit your child up higher. Therefore, your child can sit up and see a little more than other models. Hence, if you have older children this is the best jogging stroller as it gives them a better perspective while you run. It’s always more beneficial for your children to see better as the surroundings can be distracting and more entertaining for them.

Features –

When it comes to the features of the Joovy Jogging Stroller, they seem to be endless. Which was a bit surprising considering it was less expensive than other models. First off the stroller is equipped with shock-absorbent suspension. Making it a more relaxed and enjoyable ride for your child as you run over bumps and rough surfaces. Plus with the soft rubber tires, we found this model to be one of the smoothest rides for our child.

One of the great overall benefits of the Joovy Stroller was that it’s very easy to fold and has a locking feature. Therefore, when you are traveling to a trail or running route with your vehicle it folds up very easily to store in your vehicle. Plus the wheels come off with their quick-releases giving you the ability to store the stroller hassle-free.

The last feature that really stood out for us was the parent organizer. Few makes and models have an included cup holder and parent organizer. Therefore, having one that was included and perfect for two cups was great. Plus the organizer had a spot for your phone and car keys. Most of the time you have to buy this separate on other models. Plus if you need to wash this from a spilled drink it’s completely machine washable. The Joovy Stroller is one of the best jogging strollers, especially for the cost.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 – The Best Jogging Stroller # 4

Rating – 8.8
Tire – Swivel or Lockable
Capacity -0 – 75 Poundsbest jogging stroller

When it comes to finding the best jogging stroller it can be difficult to find one that suits your running style. However, with the Baby Jogger Summit X3, it has features that allow you to use it for not only jogging but running to the store as well. With a simple flip of a lever located on the handle of the stroller, you can control the front wheel. Therefore, if you want it in a locked position you have the freedom. However, if you are looking to slow down and need to maneuver easier then switch the lever and you have the power of a swivel wheel as well.

Build & Design –

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is designed and built for all-terrains. Constructed of lightweight durable plastic and metal it’s meant to withstand gravel trails, concrete roads, and any type of sidewalk. Baby Jogger even went as far as creating an independent suspension system that gives this stroller one of the smoothest rides for your child. Which is why we have selected it as the best jogging stroller from Baby Jogger.

Additionally, the stroller is designed with Baby Joggers patented closing features. Therefore, allowing you to close the stroller with only one hand. I don’t know about you, but with kids, one hand is usually all I have free to carry or move the stroller around. So having the easy closing feature is a huge benefit.

Features –

The best feature that the Baby Jogger Summit X3 offers is the ability of the child seat to adjust to a sitting or lying position. For me when I get running and in a good groove, my kids tend to fall asleep. Therefore, I just adjust the seat so they can recline and lay down more. I find their head doesn’t move around over so many bumps or rough patches in the road.

Similar to the Joovy stroller the Baby Jogger is featured with 16″ rear wheels and 12″ front wheel. This gives plenty of ground clearance for going over gravel, grass, or pavement. Not to mention the quick release wheels that make them very easy to store in the back of just about any vehicle.

The last feature that Baby Jogger has is one of the largest adjustable canopies. When it comes to mid-summer and the sun is directly on your child they can overheat or worse get burned on just a 30-minute run. Therefore, having a shade that protects them from the UV rays is extremely important. The Baby Jogger’s canopy reaches nearly covering the entire car seat area of the stroller. Few other jogging strollers have this large of a canopy.

There’s a number of reasons to buy triathlon training equipment, but when you can not only benefit yourself but your kids too. It’s a no-brainer. However, some people struggle with figuring out how to train with a stroller. Therefore, first, we want to give you some situations where a stroller is perfect for triathlon training and still fun for the kids.

Hill Repeats With The Best Jogging Stroller –

If hill repeats weren’t hard enough grab a stroller with kids and run up and down! If you do this enough times, any hill during a race is going to seem like a breeze. Strollers seem like they would be quite heavy especially if you have a double. However, if you do get the best jogging stroller model for your kids they can roll very easily and training with one is only going to help you.

I also like running hill repeats with kids because it’s usually a shorter run time. This way if you pack some snacks and a water bottle to share, your kids can easily stay content for 45 mins to an hour. Additionally, any time I’ve brought my kids they seem to love the idea of going up the hill and running fast back down.

Track Workout With The Best Jogging Stroller –

If you can fit in a track workout each week this is one of my favorite times to bring out the jogging stroller. It’s always a flat and level surface so pushing a stroller is very easy. Plus if you ever need to run back to the car to change a diaper or grab some snacks you’re less than 400m away!

Additionally, most tracks have a fence so if you have one older child who doesn’t want to ride in the stroller. You can simply let them play on the field while still keeping an eye on them as you get your laps in.

Recovery Runs With The Best Jogging Stroller –

My second favorite running workout is doing a recovery run with a jogging stroller. If you have some soft gravel or dirt trails in the woods like I do. The kids seem to love checking out the wildlife that crosses the trail. Plus since its a recovery ride you can always stop to let the kids out and play around a bit. The trails that I’ve found seem to also be shaded so you don’t have to worry about the sun beating down on your child as you run.

When our kids were younger going for a run always seemed to put them to sleep. What better way to get your run in while your kids take a nap. Maybe it was the little bumps and fresh air but our kids loved going for rides in the stroller.

Park Runs With The Best Jogging Stroller –

As our kids got older and took fewer naps, we had to think of another idea to take them in the stroller. Therefore, we could ask our children to go for a run to the park. Thankfully, we live in a community where most neighborhoods have parks. This way I could plan a 2-3 mile run to a park, let the kids play for a little while and run back. To keep the kids entertained I would pick new parks. Let me tell you nothing is cooler for a 3-year-old than exploring new parks!

Park runs are one of the best ways to get those weekday training runs in. Kids seem to love heading to a park and riding along. Plus before you know it the kids are worn out and ready for bed by the time you get back home.

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