Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

When it comes to training or even the offseason for triathletes, we tend to look for any activity that isn’t swimming, biking or running. Therefore, many tend to explore and research paddle boarding since it’s not only a great workout but it requires quite a bit of core strength that can cross over to triathletes. However, with a wave of manufactures over the last five years it’s hard to decide which model is the best. Additionally, it’s not hard to get over budget with stand up paddle boards. Therefore, we have compiled a list of inflatable paddle board reviews to help find an affordable stand up paddle board to give you some cross training fun this season.

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SereneLife Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews –

inflatable paddle board reviews

Rating – 9.8
Cost – Average
Size – 10′

If you’re looking for the best inflatable paddle board reviews on SereneLife boards you’ve come to the right location. SereneLife makes some of the best overall inflatable boards that are easy to use, includes nearly every accessory, and all at a low budget cost.

SereneLife boards are the perfect all-around board as they measure 10′ by 6″ thick and have a 30″ deck. Therefore, they can be used for adults or capable youth. The wide deck offers plenty of stability for lakes, rivers, and small ponds. The SereneLife stand up paddle takes our #1 spot for Inflatable standup paddle board reviews due to the overall features and benefits.

Features –

The SereneLife board is featured in two color options a teal green and a royal blue non-slip soft top deck option. The pad offers plenty of traction for beginners and users of all experience levels.

The board is easy to inflate and the kit when you purchase it even includes a hand pump to take with you anywhere you please. The pump makes it extremely easy to inflate or deflate at any river, lake, or pond.

The board even includes a carrying case, ankle leash, oar, and even a triple bottom panel fin system. Offering superior maneuverability in any type of water conditions. The fins help to steer, increase stability, speed, and handling. As a result, for the price, having a kit that includes all of this is extremely helpful to get you on the water as soon as you receive the kit.

Benefits –

Even though the SereneLife board is an inflatable paddle board it still has the benefits of an epoxy or fiberglass board. You’ll notice that the paddle board has a carrying handle located in the center of the non-slip pad. This makes it easy to carry to and from your car to the lake. It even has a tie down bungee cords at the front of the paddle board to strap down a water bottle or life vest.

Pathfinder Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews – inflatable paddle board reviews

Rating – 9.5
Cost – Average
Size – 9’9″

When it comes to finding the most affordable inflatable paddle board, the Pathfinder is the number one! For a very low cost you can have a durable and quality paddle board. Which is why the Pathfinder is our number two on the list of inflatable paddle board reviews.

Coming in a little short than the SereneLife paddle board it measures 9’9″ in overall length and has a height of 5″ and a 30″ deck. Offering enough buoyancy for a weight limit of 240 pounds. Therefore, making it perfect for adults and children.

Features –

The Pathfinder inflatable stand up paddleboard is a great all-around SUP board. The overall kit features an inflatable pump, removable center tracking fin, bungee tie-down, adjustable aluminum paddle, valve wrench, and a carrying case for the board. As a result, with this single kit you can be on the water as soon as you receive it. Plus it all can fit inside your vehicle in the provided carrying case. It’s really nice to have the added security of knowing the inflatable paddle board can fit inside your vehicle. You don’t have to worry about locking roof racks or paddle board racks.

Upon conducting our inflatable paddle board reviews we noticed that the soft non-slip deck was very well padded and quite comfortable on your feet, especially since being barefoot you don’t want a material that hurts your feet.

Benefits –

The added benefits that the Pathfinder had was the onboard cargo net. This allowed us to place a small jacket or water bottle on the board without it falling off. Obviously, things get wet there, so a waterproof bag was really helpful when we conducted our inflated paddle board reviews for this model. Lastly, the Pathfinder has a D-Ring to attach an ankle leash too. If you’re planning on paddling some rougher waters, having a leash is a must. It provides you with a safety net in the event you fall off, your board can’t drift away from you.

iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews –

inflatable paddle board reviews

Rating – 9.4
Cost – Above Average
Size – 10’6″

The iROCKER inflatable paddle board is the largest boards offered for our inflatable paddle board reviews. Therefore, offering one of the most stable paddle boards on this list. With 10’6″ of total length 33″ wide deck and a total of 6″ thickness, the iROCKER is one of the best paddle boards on the market. The board is extremely durable and once inflated to 15psi it feels like an epoxy or fiberglass board, but half the weight.

The board is one of our favorites and upon conducting the inflatable paddle board reviews, this board offers some of the best features and benefits. However, it does come in at a price that is a little higher than the rest. Nonetheless, you get what you pay for, and you get a lot with this inflatable paddle board.

Features –

First off the adjustable fiberglass paddle is half the weight of a standard aluminum paddle, which is included in this kit. The paddle blade is designed and made of durable rubber so it won’t chip or crack if you hit or bump into anything. The paddle actually breaks down into 3 separate pieces. Therefore, you can actually fit this into the carrying case making it easy for traveling.

Speaking of the carrying case, unlike most where its a duffle bag. The iROCKER bag is a backpack style making it extremely comfortable when you plan on taking the paddleboard kit down to the water. Included in the kit are the board, paddle, dual action pump, and an ankle leash. Thankfully, all the items are designed to fit inside the bag making it very organized and easy to travel with.

Benefits –

When we were evaluating inflatable paddle board reviews the iROCKER offered the best hand pump. The dual action high capacity pump made inflating the paddle board quick and easy. The dual action allows you to pump air into the paddle board as you go up or down with the hand pump. Therefore, making it twice as quick to pump the paddle board up. Plus with a psi indicator, you can pump the paddle board to the optimal pressure.

The second benefit the iROCKER paddle board has is a 2-year warranty. Since iROCKER only offers the best with it comes to material and durability they stand by ensuring that their paddle board lasts two years with no major malfunctions. There is no doubt a 2-year warranty is a nice benefit to have considering that it’s an inflatable paddle board.

Benefits Of A Inflatable Paddle Board –

Of course, there is a magnitude of materials and designs for paddle boards. However, for triathletes, there is nothing better than inflatable paddle boards. They offer plenty of benefits as you can read below.

Portability –

One of the best benefits of an inflatable paddle board is the portability. It’s extremely easy to carry an inflatable paddle board, due to the fact that they can roll or fold very compact. Therefore, when you are planning on going out to the lake or river, they can be transported in just about any type of vehicle. Whereas, a fiberglass or epoxy paddleboard can only be carried on the roof of your vehicle.  Therefore, it can be an added cost to need paddle board racks to carry your board.

Inflatable paddle boards provide the best option for triathletes who already own bikes, wetsuits, and plenty of other training gear. As a result, if you are planning on doing an open water swim your spouse or friend can easily join and utilize your paddle board.

Storage –

When it comes to storage full-size epoxy or fiberglass paddleboards require a garage for storage. Some of the boards can be 13-14′ long. Therefore, you will need a lot of space just to store your paddle board. However, with an inflatable paddle board, they roll up and even store in their very own storage bag. This way they can be stored in a basement, attic, apartment, really anywhere. I live in an area where winter is pretty brutal and long so it’s nice being able to store my inflatable paddleboard out of the way for the season to ensure it doesn’t get ruined. Inflatable paddle boards provide a lot of options due to the fact that they can pack up so easily for storage.

Easy Entry To Sport –

For any water sports activity from kayaking to canoeing, it can be quite expensive to get in to. Considering the paddles, kayak, kayak racks, and life jackets, etc. The gear can easily get over $1,000 dollars quickly. Even owning a fiberglass or epoxy paddleboard can sometimes be as much as $1,000-$1,500. However, with inflatable paddle boards, their entry to the sport is far less and in some cases less than $500. The option to get into a sport with a high-quality product for less than $500 is one of the best parts about inflatable paddle boards, you don’t have to go over budget to get a nice board.

Cost –

As we mentioned above, the cost is a large reason why inflatable paddle boards are very popular for so many people. At a significantly lower price than epoxy or fiberglass paddleboards, it’s easy to get two inflatable paddle boards for less than the price of one epoxy board. Plus sometimes you never are really sure how many times a summer you’ll have the opportunity to utilize a paddle board. Therefore, having a low-cost option is a great start to getting into the sport.

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