Best Pre Workout For Running

The majority of people have laced up there shoes selected a workout song and hit the pavement to go running. However, there are few that take running as serious as distance runners and triathletes. Due to the fact that you’re looking for a pre workout for running, I’m going to assume you want more out of your run workouts. As do distance runners and triathletes every day. That said, we have compiled some amazing pre workout for running nutritional supplements as well as some routines to help improve your run to help encompass what it means to take your running serious.

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What Are The Best Pre Workout For Running –

pre workout for runningWhen it comes to that time in your day and you’re about to hit the trails or pavement. You may find yourself a bit fatigued or even with a lack of energy to want to run. This is when a pre-workout supplement comes into play. However, most runners have a misguided view of what a pre-workout means. As the world of bodybuilding and even the name have diluted the meaning behind a “pre-workout supplement.” For running, supplements aren’t designed to “beef” you up and give you that muscle building formula. Instead, for endurance athletes, the best pre workout supplement for running can give your body the energy and fuel to ensure you perform you’re run the best of your ability.

Now there are numerous supplement manufacturers and brands marketing pre workout formulas. However, you need to be diligent in understanding which ones are designed for runners, or we have created a list for you to help decrease your research time. As there are so many formulas designed for various sports such as body building or crossfit atheletes which are designed to react with your body in a way runners wouldn’t desire.

Since running is a very physical activity that can drain your glycogen storage, if you have an imbalance or deficiency you may find yourself cramping, fatigued, or depleted. For example, pre workout for running is designed to properly nourish the body with fuel that will last over an extended period of running. Now finding nutrition that works best for your system and physical performance can take some trial and error, but spending the time to do so will benefit your runs.

Safety of Pre Workout For Running –

Yes, but with anything you need to be your own advocate of what you’re consuming and intaking. As the supplement industry isn’t governed by the FDA. As a result, there are no governing bodies that oversee supplements to ensure that the labels are accurately describing their formulas. What does this mean to me and you? It means you need to choose reputable companies with history and self-awareness to govern themselves with high standards for quality ingredients. Don’t be fooled by marketing campaigns that seem too good to be true. Instead, look at the ingredients company history and what they do to create quality control to effectively choose the right pre workout for running.

What To Look For In a Pre Workout For Running –

In the world of supplements for runners, it’s easy to get trapped into the marketing scheme of business. With elite athletes promoting certain brands claiming they are the “#1 supplement for runners” too expensive marketing campaigns located at each race across the country. It’s very easy to get lost and not pay attention to what the label says for ingredients. The last thing you want is something that is unnecessary for your body or something that will upset your gastrointestinal system.

First, you must understand what a runner needs to perform before you begin to check out every supplement label. Since runners are expending energy over a long period of time whether that’s 30 mins or 3 hours. Runners bodies will require a series of carbohydrates, calories, proteins and amino acids. A runners body will need glycogen or energy that is stored in the body to perform their workout. What you want to keep an eye on is supplements with lots of sugar in them. This will provide short-bursts of energy, however, nothing that will sustain such as a complex carbohydrate may.

Another addition to consider in a supplement or even an addition to finding the best pre workout supplement for running is caffeine, sodium, and potassium. Caffeine to give you that quick energy that your body can use. And sodium and potassium serve as electrolytes to help your body absorb water and utilize calcium. That said, they help to effectively rehydrate your body as you run.

Best Pre Workout For Running –

Legion Athletics – Pulse – Best Pre Workout For Running

best pre workout for runningFlavors – Fruit Punch / Blue Raspberry / Watermelon / Green Apple / Grape / Cherry Limeade / Pink Lemonade

  • Naturally Flavored & Sweetened
  • No Creatine (creatine does help build muscle, but science has shown that it’s best after a workout.)
  • Made in USA in a CGMP & NSF-certified Facility

Company History –

Legion Athletics was created by Mike Matthews a health and fitness author. His goal was to create healthy and high-quality supplements that are based on science and sold with integrity. Mike was displeased with the supplement industry and decided to steer the other direction. Instead, of claiming false advertising and bogus claims. As too many products on the market are made of fillers and additives. Mike choose to build a company that’s focus is on safe ingredients and healthy effects.

Mike will be the first to tell you that supplements are not vital they are supplements. What builds strength, speed, and fitness is not supplements but proper diet and training. Supplements are designed to supplement an athlete. Legion was designed to provide athletes only the best ingredients to help with strength, endurance, and well-being.

Intended Use & Directions –

Each individual may have a different tolerance, but the recommended starting directions are 1 scoop with 10-12 ounces of water. This should be consumed about 15-30 minutes prior to exercise. Pulse should be used prior to any workouts or runs that exceed 45 minutes. With these directions, you should see the optimal performance of Pulse. However, each individual may vary to dial in your exact formula.

Review –

Pulse is one of the best pre workout for running blends that is backed with science to help reduce exercise-induced fatigue, improve aerobic performance, improve blood flow and many other running benefits. Made without any additives or sweeteners this is designed to be easy on the stomach. Pulse from Legion is a fully transparent company and label and they’re the first ones to tell you what should and shouldn’t be in your prework.

Ingredients –

Pulse was designed a bit different compared to other formulas. Instead, of using a formula that “shocks” the system to get you going with numerous ingredients. Pulse only contains caffeine as a stimulant, with a combined dose of amino acid L-theanine to smooth out the energy. Some of the key ingredients of Pulse are citrulline malate, betaine, ornithine, and beta-alanine. For more in-depth of what each ingredient mean read more here.

pre workout for running

TruWild – Motion – Pre Workout Drink For Running

pre workout for runningFlavors – Raspberry Coconut

  • Plant-Based Supplement
  • Natural Science
  • No Chemicals, Fillers or Synthetic Stimulants

Company History –

TruWild was created by Nathan who found themselves taking pre-workouts for lifting. After a few sports-related injuries he decided to venture to sports that were less abuse on the body and more cardio based such as surfing, hiking, and cycling. Trying to apply the habits of a pre work drink for  lifting was quickly learned to be a poor source of nutrition for sports that required endurance.

Nathan began to search for a different type of formula that wouldn’t leave him as fatigued or dehydrated. Finding only formulas that were made of high-stimulant based products not designed for the outdoor endurance athlete. He stumbled across a friend in search for the same mission, to find a more reliable pre workout drink for running formula.

However, the discovery of TruWild wasn’t noticed until Nathan and Zac had the opportunity to climb towards Machu Picchu. Here is where they noticed their guides on a 5-day trek where blazing up and down the mountains without those sugary based supplements. Yet rather a whole-food diet made of natural ingredients.

They took it upon themselves to begin their journey of finding the best natural ingredients from around the world to make their products. Since they started with a pre workout supplement they have been able to focus their entire company to this one product. As a result, it had to be the best or it could affect their viability as a company. Thankfully they hit it out of the park, with the 100% whole-food supplement made of only natural ingredients.

Intended Use & Directions –

TruWild’s Motion is intended as a pre workout for running, biking, swimming, hiking, or any other outdoor activity. Motion is designed to be mixed as 1 scoop to about 6-10 ounces of cold water. Then ingest about 30 minutes prior to your run or activity. Another option is to add this to a smoothy or juice to tailor it to your own taste buds. As a plant-based pre workout this is formulated to be gluten free & soy free. While yet still being made in the USA, in a GMP certified facility.

Review –

If you’re looking for a pre workout for running that will be easy on the GI system and plant based. It’s hard to find one better than Motion. TruWild is dedicated to making supplements for endurance athletes. If you’ve had bad luck with other blends give Motion a try to help give you that boost in performance before your next workout.

Ingredients –

TruWild’s Motion formula uses 5 trademarked ingredients that deliver endurance level energy, hydration, and performance. Motion was created with the long distance runner in mind. Where most pre workout for running formulas are only designed for an hours worth of working out. TruWild’s Motion was made to go beyond and give you enough nutrition to support endurance athletes.

Their formula includes ingredients such as Palatinose for endurance, Covico for Hydration, Vegisurge for natural energy, and Bioperine for absorption. Combined these ingredients offer a fully plant-based pre workout for men and women. That is made of natural ingredients designed to increase your overall performance, activity level, and VO2 max.

pre workout for running

Best Pre Workout For Running – Supplement Alternatives

Pre Workout For Running Routines –

Sometimes it’s best to look outside of pre-workout supplements and into exercises or stretches to help boost your running flexibility, energy, and performance. Whether you’re a morning runner or an after work runner. You’re bound to find yourself a little tight or maybe lackadaisical. That said, it’s best to create a routine that allows you to loosen up your muscles to prepare for your run, ie. a pre workout for running.

Now there is a large spectrum of when people suggest stretching. However, it’s recommended to get in a small jog to warm up the muscles before stretching. To do this I usually pick a reference point on my run that is about a quarter mile to a half mile away. Otherwise, I’ll usually run about 5 minutes to get warmed up. Studies have shown that weekly stretching, especially before runs, has lead to fewer injuries. As a result, I try and incorporate a stretching routine below before each run I take.

Stretching Routine –

Now there are many options and variations for stretching for running. However, the main idea is to focus on the main muscle groups that are used when running. Therefore, we have compiled some stretches for each muscle group that can be performed no matter your running expertise.

Glutes & Piriformis –

The piriformis muscle is located inside the buttock and behind the gluteus maximus. It helps to rotate the hip and move your leg forward and backward when running. Additionally, the Glutes are one of the largest muscles in the body and are responsible for movement in the hip and thigh. As you can see these muscles are extremely important when it comes to running. Below are the top three stretches to help loosen your glutes and piriformis muscles.

Stretch Prevents –

  • IT Band Issues and Runners Knee

Piriformis Chair Stretch

  • Perform the Piriformis chair stretch for about 30-60 seconds at a time, with a 2-3 set maximum.
  • Be sure to keep a straight spin and not to arch your back.

Lying Piriformis Stretch

  • Perform this stretch for about 30-60 seconds at a time, with a 2-3 set maximum.
  • Be sure to push only to where it’s comfortable for you and not to overpressure your muscles.

Lying Piriformis Stretch

  • Perform this stretch for about 30-60 seconds at a time, with a 2-3 set maximum.
  • This is a great stretch to open up the glutes, hips, core, and spine. It helps to increase your flexibility and open up your posture for better running form.

Quads –

The quad muscles are a very important muscle when it comes to running. Located on the front upper part of your leg they attach between your hip and knees. In order to create a great range of motion, it’s best to find stretches and workouts that include full knee extension. This way you allow your quad muscles to fully extend and stretch.

Stretching Prevents –

  • Quad Strains
  • Quad Tendonitis

Kneeling Quad Stretch

  • A kneeling quad stretch is an easy stretch to perform. Being on the ground helps stability and ensures a solid stretch.
  • Hold for about 30 seconds on both legs performing about 2-3 reps.
  • Be sure to not go too far into the stretch causing discomfort or pain.

Standing Quad Stretch

  • Standing quad stretching is about the most common stretch to do before a run. However, most people tend to not perform it correctly and instead, it becomes a habit versus an actual stretch. Be sure to watch the tutorial to ensure you are performing it safely and correctly.
  • Switch between both sides when performing this stretch holding for about 30-40 seconds.

Hamstrings –

Most commonly confused with the front quad muscles are the rear muscles referred to as the hamstring. It’s a very large muscle that is made up of a large single tendon behind the knee. Connecting between the hip and knee.

Stretching Prevents –

  • Hamstring Strain
  • Hamstring Tear

Standing Hamstring Stretch

  • The hamstring is commonly forgotten when it comes to stretching your legs before a run. Therefore, it’s best to create a habit to stretch both the quads and hamstrings. As you want to think of these muscle groups as complementary and they need each other to perform.
  • Hold this stretch for 30-45 seconds for about 2 to 3 sets.

Calves –

The calf muscle is actually made up of two muscles, the gastrocnemius, and the soleus. The Gastrocnemius is the upper part of the calf that creates the bulge underneath the skin that most people refer to as the calf. Whereas, the soleus is located beneath the gastrocnemius and above the heel. Together they help support and create the proper ankle movement necessary for running. Calves are an extremely important muscle group to stretch before a run as they can lead to many injuries if neglected.

Stretching Prevents –

  • Calf Strain
  • Calf Tear
  • Inflammation
  • Pulled Calf

Standing Calf Stretch

  • A calf stretch is an easy one to perform on the run. Even though the tutorial is against a wall, it’s easy to find a curb, tree, or post sign to use as your 90 degree “wall”.
  • Be sure to stretch each leg for about 30 seconds to get a solid stretch.

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