Top Rated Recovery Boots Buyer Guide

If you’ve ever been to a triathlon race or event it won’t take much to find a company booth with recovery boots. At about every event I’ve been on there is at least one company with a line of post-race finishers waiting to use the compression recovery boots. One of the main reasons so many people tend to line up and use them is first they are a great way to help enhance blood flow and speed up recovery. Another reason is that compression boots can be quite expensive. However, after using numerous brands we’ve comprised the Top Rated compression Boots to help you decided on picking out the best value and highest quality recovery boots.

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Top Compression Boots –

It’s best to read over the top four companies that currently create the leading recovery boots. Of course, there are a few other brands that may be on the market, but they tend to be poorly made and the companies haven’t been as established¬†in the triathlon industry. As a result, we have selected the top four manufacturers and provided¬†a quick history on each of them.

Normatec Recovery Boots –

normatec recovery bootsDr. Laura F. Jacobs a rehabilitation physician and PhD bioengineer founded Normatec Recovery boots, they tend to be one of the most popular systems on the market today. However, it was specifically designed for triathletes. Originally it was developed after seeing the need for effective treatment in patients with circulation issues caused by disease, surgery, trauma, and radiation treatment. As a result, Dr. Laura Jacobs developed the patented NormaTec pneumatic compression device to help facilitate the recovery needed in breast cancer lymphedema, circulation issues from diabetes and other medical conditions.

It wasn’t until 2007, that professional athletes and college teams began to use the system to help speed recovery and optimize performance. Normatec Recovery Boots saw the overwhelming demand from the competitive athletes and launched NormTec PULSE Recovery system in 2015. Which is what you see triathletes, runners, cyclists, and competitive athletes using today.

Air Relax –

Located in Pico Rivera, CA Air Relax is one of the newer compression recovery technology companies to the market. However, they have been able to create quite a disruption in the compression market with their lower cost and high-quality recovery boots. With an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, Air Relax is one of the leading companies in the industry.

Even though Air Relax is one of the newer companies they have fully invested in products that will help any triathlete speed us their recovery time. From arm sleeves to leg sleeves Air Relax has it all.

RP Sports – Recovery Pump –

The formation fo RP Sports began in Glen Mills, PA where Steve Kantor took his entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge in computer sciences to help form RP Sports. Steve formed a Medical Solutions business that helped shape the idea and company of formerly Recovery Pump and now known as RP Sports. RP Sports started in 2011 after helping improve patients lives with pneumatic compression pump therapy. As a result, the treatment and therapy helped people suffering from venous and arterial diseases, lymphedema, and many forms of circulatory issues like diabetes.

After further¬†development and research, the technology was revealed to work in improving athlete’s recovery as well. Since the discovery, RP Sports has had the ability to work with numerous athletes¬†and programs with the help of the RecoveryPump Technology. They strive to provide the absolute best customer service and innovative sports technologies on the market.

Rapid ReBoot –

Located in Lindon, Utah you’ll find Rapid ReBoot formed with the intention of providing athletes a reliable and dynamic pneumatic compression boot system. They set out to create one that every athlete at any level could utilize and benefit from. Rapid Reboot was designed to help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness, help reduce swelling, and inflammation. The system is comprised of state of the art compression pumps that help facilitate the required pressures and compression needed for pneumatic compression.

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Air Relax Recovery Boots –

Air Relax Recovery Boots

  • Lowest Cost Option
  • 1 Year Worry-Free Warranty
  • Outstanding Reviews

The Air Relax Recovery Boots are one of the leading compression at home therapies available. The device is intended to help relieve knee problems, tension, swelling legs, water retention, and cramps. It’s even designed to help with lymphatic system and blood circulation.¬† With three different boot sizes, you’ll be sure to find a set of compression sleeves that will fit your height. I, for example, am 5’10” and the Size 3 boot worked perfectly for me.

Device Details –

Inside the Air Relax Recovery Boots kit you’ll receive one 110V machine/pump, one right boot, one left boot, and air hoses. Also included is the owners manual, however, you can get the digital copy as well if you click here.

The Air Relax compression Boots have a digitally controlled operation cycle giving you five different modes to choose from. First is mode A: peristaltic, which inflates and deflates the chambers from the bottom up one at a time. The second mode is B: sequential, which inflates from the bottom up, however, it maintains the pressure in the lower chambers as it moves upward. Air Relax’s third mode is C: Massage, which maintains pressure in all chambers at once and then releases. The fourth mode is Auto: peristaltic + sequential, this combines MODE (A,B,C) and Point mode. The final mode is Point: which can target a specific location/ section to inflate and deflate with 4 variable pressures.

Pressure Settings –

When you begin to think of pressure required to relieve your sore and tired muscles. Air Relax decided to install four different pressure ranges from 0-230 mmHG. (millimeter of Mercury is a unit of pressure)

  • 1st Level¬† – 0-60 mmHg
  • 2nd Level – 60-120 mmHg
  • 3rd Level – 120-180 mmHg
  • 4th Level – 180-230 mmHg

The units or level required can be selected by pressing the designated button during operations on the pump’s screen.

Final Conclusion –

As one of the least expensive recovery boots systems on the market, this one is hard to not pass up. Plus with the added features of five different modes and selectable pressure settings, the Air Relax Recovery Boots is the Top Rated Recovery boot. To read more about the Air Relax Recovery Boots select the link below.

Normatec Recovery Boots – Pulse Recovery System

  • Two Year Warranty
  • Light Weight & Durable
  • Adjustable Settings & Size

normatec recovery boots Similar to RP Sports Normatec Recovery boots have numerous packages and options to select from. However, they are one of the more expensive models compared to the rest. Although, with a long history of quality and with a medical professional at the helm of the company you can be sure the system is designed to last and work. The most popular system from Normatec is the Pulse Leg Recovery. It has all of the required essentials for any triathlete looking to speed up their recovery time. At just 11.5 pounds when all packed up boots, machine, and hoses, this is one of the lightest models on the market making it quite easy to travel with.

The Pulse series also provides three options for boot sizes, making it quite easy to pick from. I know for my self the fewer options the better as I have been able to use this system along with my wife even though our height is about 10 inches different.

Device Details –

As you look into ordering a recovery boot system the Normatec Recovery boots model Pulse comes with the lightweight control unit at just 9″x5″x4″, hoses, power supply, and a microfiber bag. As a result, you get everything in this lightweight package that can help begin your recovery process. The system requires little to no maintenance. We simply just wiped it down with a damp cloth and no corrosive cleaner after a few uses. You can plan on taking this system to the race as it does have a 2-hour battery life making it very convenient to use after a race or long event. The battery is fully rechargeable so no worries about messing with buying batteries.

The Normatec Recovery Boots model Pulse has intensity levels for every triathlete and you even have the option to focus on a zone. Called Zone Boost, which lets you focus on a chamber with added attention. The complete digital control is very user-friendly and easy to read.

Pressure Settings –

Very similar to RP Sports, Normatec’s Pulse has a recovery flush range of 30-110mmHG. Providing you with plenty of soft to the aggressive pressure required to flush out your muscles and restore rested legs.

Final Conclusion –

The Normatec is widely used by athletes in every sport, with its top quality construction and whisper quiet technology. A Pulse is a great option for anyone that wants a brand that is sure to last for many years. The price is on the highest end, however, after using one they have so many integrated benefits you can see why Normatec is designed around quality and value. For more information and pricing follow the link below.

Rapid Reboot – Compression Recovery Boots

  • Highly Reviewed¬†compression recovery boots
  • 2 year Warranty
  • Easy Carrying Case

Rapid Reboot has three options to choose from when you select a compression recovery boots package. However, their most widely used is the Rapid Reboot standard boot system. With five different boot options; extra short, short, medium, long, extra long, you’ll be sure to find a set that can fit your height.

recovery boots

The boot system uses dynamic, sequential air compression based on medical principles to help improve athletes circulation, and help move metabolites and other toxins from muscle tissue. They help to flush out lactic acid built up and reduce muscle swelling, and other inflammation. As a result, the compression recovery boots are intended to speed up your bodies natural healing by enhancing blood flow to your muscle tissue. There are numerous factors as to what your individual results may be when you use the system. However, intermittent compression is ideal for triathletes as we endure such long workouts and require fast recovery.

Device Details –

When you receive a set of Recovery Reboots you’ll receive a left and right boot of your specific size required, a carrying case, and the machine/pump with the compression hoses. The owners manual will help in setting up the device to ensure proper use. However, the compression recovery boots are pretty simple to use and come equipped with multiple settings. There are three total time settings ranging from 10, 20, and 30-minute sessions. Each of these settings has an automatic turn off, just in case you happen to doze off a bit while recovering.

In addition to the time settings are two modes. The first mode is for arterial inflow and venous outflow improvement. As the second mode is for improved circulation and mobilizing lactic acid. We found the second mode to be the most beneficial after a long run or ride. The machine also gives you the freedom to turn off any chamber to target specific areas or rather avoid certain areas. Which was really a nice feature in the event of any injury.

Pressure Settings –

With 10 different pressure settings ranging between 20-200mmHG, we found that it delivers plenty of variety during use. It’s recommended that you begin at the lower pressure settings and work your way up. Because even low settings provide a lot of benefits. However, experiment to find your proper pressure setting. At no times should they ever hurt or cause discomfort. If it does back down on pressure to make it more comfortable.

Final Conclusion –

The Rapid Reboot is one of the best recovery boot systems available and with a little higher price point than the Air Relax. They do have a few added settings and features, one being an additional year warranty. Which if you’re like me something with so many moving parts worry me, so having that additional year was a great advantage. If you are interested in reading more info and interested in price click the link below.

RP Sports – Recovery Pump Boots –

  • Recovery pump bootsDurable & Reliable
  • Passive Recovery
  • ¬†Multiple Packages and Options
  • 6-8 Hour Battery Life

Since RP Sports origination they have had a persistent drive to innovate and create the leading compression therapy products. As a result, they have since created an RP Lite system that is more affordable than the RPX Complete System, which is about twice the price. For our Top four compression boots, we’ve selected the RP Lite system from RP Sports because of its price point and overall quality. The Recovery pump boots deliver¬†a natural alternative to passive recovery for triathletes. Instead of doing active recovery the RecoveryPump system allows you to passively recover from your long training sessions. RP sports says that 1-2 hours per day will equate to about 12-48 hours of rest. I’ve never been able to have that much time to rest as an age group athlete and father, but they do speed up my recovery time significantly.

Device Details –

The Recovery pump boots are designed to increase venous return and accelerate your bodies absorption of elements that cause fatigue in your muscles. Hence, removing metabolic waste faster than a traditional recovery workout or rest. Included in the Lite system are two compression boots, a pump/machine and the required hoses to run the system. One of the best features of this device is the built-in battery that gives you 6-8 hours of use. No other model has a battery that lasts this long. Therefore, taking these to a race or event was super easy to use when it’s nearly impossible to find an outlet.

Pressure Settings –

The RecoveryPump Lite has a treatment timer plus continuous therapy modes to meet your recovery needs. It also has a variable pressure setting that allows for 20-100mmHG units of pressure. Not as robust as some of the other models, however, with the lightweight and compact size of the motor this system is easy to carry around the house. Yet even easier to store away in a closet or drawer.

Final Conclusion –

At just 2.2 pounds if you’ve ever traveled or flown for a triathlon this recovery system is designed perfectly to be put in a luggage bag. No other model is this lightweight nor do they have a battery system that can last this long. Which is why these recovery pump boots are one of our top-rated systems available. If you’d like to read more and check the lowest price follow the link below.

What To Look For In Compression Boots –

It’s no surprise when consumers catch wind of a product such as recovery boots that can help decrease fatigue. The demand for compression boots has been increasing steadily for triathletes, runners, cyclists, and numerous athletes. With that said, there are more recovery boot brands and models than ever before. So to help gain a grasp on what to look for in selecting recovery boots we’ve put together a few key components.

Size –

Like a pair of shoes, compression boots come in various sizes. Typically you’ll find that recovery boot manufacturers will include a sizing chart to get the best fit. However, before you take a measurement and purchase the size that fits you. You may have more athletes in your house or training group that may want to borrow your recovery boots. That said, it’s best to find a boot size that will fit your size any others. For example, my wife and I have about 10 inches of height difference, but we bought a set that can fit both of us. This way we don’t have to purchase two sets of compression boots. If for some reason you can get two sets, that’s better but for some brands, an extra set of compression boots can be hundreds of dollars.

You’ll find that most recovery boot brands have some flexible in their sizes. Therefore, don’t stress out on what size will work or not. Instead, get a set that can fit a wide range while still including your height.

Pump –

When it comes to finding the best compression boots, the pump is the brains of the system. Without a quality pump, you’re going to find out pretty quickly that your system doesn’t work. Be sure to research what the pump is made of or better yet if the system has a warranty to ensure that the moving parts will stand to last. Most machines will use a series of metals such as aluminum enclosed in a plastic cover. The systems on this list were all inspected to ensure that they met our high-quality standards. However, there are some overseas manufacturers that are trying to enter the market with low-cost poor quality materials so be sure of what you’re buying.

Settings –

It’s hard to see exactly how recovery boots work without buying a set and trying them out. However, what you can do is check out the system settings each model has. For example, recovery boots don’t just squeeze and release. Each of them have¬†multiple settings for pressure, how the pressure is directed and where. That said, you can select different settings that engage pressure across multiple chambers starting at the top or bottom of your leg. This gives a sensation as if you were to foam roll from your quad to your lower leg. As you can see it pays to do your¬†research in order to find the best settings for your needs.

Cost –

Lastly, the most important factor for a lot of individuals¬†including myself is the price of recovery boots. For the multiple models and brands we have listed here they can range from $2,000 to $500 dollars. Now it doesn’t necessarily mean “you get what you pay for” in quality. But rather what features or benefits you get. For example, some models offer an extended warranty which can cost more money. However, if you value a warranty or insurance type of plan that is a great value. Some models are lower cost as they are trying to gain a larger foot print in the recovery boot market. The good thing is that you can make a concise decision on how much you want to spend with a larger specturm of prices.

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