Why Use Chamois Cream

Do I need it? What is Chamois Cream? Why Use Chamois Cream? These questions get asked quite often when you start riding with a cycling group. Thankfully most triathletes have the answer to these questions, which is, YES! However, there are usually a few things that vary on what kind or brand of chamois cream to buy. Therefore, The Triathlete Hub has created reviews on the top 5 chamois creams to buy.

Chamois Cream

Before we dive into the reviews we want to give you some background on chamois cream. It’s easily a triathletes favorite item to put in their tri-bag. It can be a lifesaver to soreness and pain, and without it, you can have one long sore ride on the bike.

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What Is Chamois Cream:

Chamois cream is an anti-bacterial moisturizer that reduces friction between tri-kits and your skin. Chaffing occurs when clothing rubs and scraps in different areas of your body or hotspots. When cycling and running there is a lot of repetition that when your sweat leads to hot spots where your clothing rubs on your skin. Therefore, a chamois cream creates a barrier to stop chaffing. There are multiple products on the market today, some come in a paste others in a cream.

Why Use Chamois Cream:

Whether you are planning on racing a 70.3 or 140.6 you will be spending a lot of time in the saddle. Week after week sitting in a saddle while spinning your legs creates friction where your bike shorts and skin touch the saddle. Chamois cream is used by triathletes who want to prevent soreness and chafing while riding. Without it, a cyclist could acquire abscess which could derail anyone’s training. Chamois cream and chafing always seem like an awkward topic, but using it has to be apart of your preventative treatment plan. It doesn’t take long for a hotspot to start but it does take a while for it to go away.

Some triathletes may have never used chamois cream before. Which could be likely if you were training and riding shorter distances. However, with long-distance training and sitting in the saddle for 4-6 hours, you eventually will encounter a need for chamois cream. Before long rides or runs applying chamois cream will help prevent saddle sore and ensure you don’t miss any training days.

Top 5 Chamois Creams for Triathletes: 

Chamois Butt’r Orginal Anti-Chafe Cream

Chamois Cream

Chamois Butt’r is one of our favorite paste types of chamois creams. It comes in an 8oz tube similar to a lotion bottle. For an 8oz tube, you easily can make it through a half season to a full season depending on usage. The nice thing with a tube style chamois cream is that you can apply it to your hand and then apply to skin surfaces. Making this a little easier to share than the deodorant style creams that you have to apply with the stick itself.

The formulation is a non-greasy chamois cream that contains no artificial fragrances and colors. One of the best things about that is it won’t stain your bike shorts or jerseys.  Chamois Butt’r does offer a women’s specific formulation as well called Her Cream. Developed for women by a female physician. It includes aloe vera, tea tree oil, shea butter, green tea leaf, and lavender oil. Even though it has a pH balanced for women it’s safe for male athletes as well.

One thing that we found to be a real benefit with Chamois Butt’r was that it can be washed off with soap and water. The second was that they also offer it in a cream jar as well.

Gooch Guard – Anti-Chaffing Cream:

Chafing CreamThis is one of our favorite anti-chaffing creams on the market. The cream creates a lubricant barrier to prevent friction and chafing. Thankfully this is a unisex formula so no need to worry when sharing the cream. It’s sold in a solid plastic jar that makes it easy to pack in a tri-bag or jacket pocket. Gooch Guard uses only natural ingredients in their formulation. Aloe, Sunflower oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter to name a few. They don’t use any petroleum or common allergens making this a universal cream.

We’ve found this cream since it is a little harder in formulation last a little longer once applied. The cream isn’t too watery where you will go through this jar after a few rides. The good thing about this cream is that a little goes a long ways. If you don’t like scents this may not be your choice, however, we found it to be a pleasant minty earth scent.

Don’t be afraid to purchase this cream even though it looks like it’s a small jar we found that this stuff lasts a long time. Not only that but it last on our long rides with a single application.

DZNuts Pro – Chamois Cream

Chamois CreamThe DZNuts Pro cream eliminates any type of chaffing before it starts. One thing that this cream has that makes it unique from the other creams, is that it has an anti-inflammatory action that heals and soothes existing sores. The cream reduces infections with its anti-fungal an anti-bacterial formula. Even though it functions as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial cream it still holds the anti-chaffing capabilities. This makes it a dual purpose cream when you think about being able to apply this not only on sore spots but spots that you want to prevent soreness.

The cream is designed to help absorb excess moisture making one application last longer and not wash away from sweat. The Chamois cream has many natural ingredients such as Tea Tree, Oat, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to name a few. We’ve found the ingredients to work really well on healing sore spots more so than if we were to take a day or two off of riding. I would recommend using this cream if you have existing sore spots and want to try healing them.

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Cream

Chafing CreamBody Glide is probably the most known cream or stick in the sport of triathlons and for great reasons. This style applies differently than the first three. It comes as a deodorant-style stick. Making it easy to apply to your neck, arms, thighs, or anywhere skin is rubbing. It’s made with allergen-free ingredients and has almost no smell. The nicest feature of this anti-chafe balm is that it’s in a solid state making it less messy than the other creams on the market.

Body Glide is the cheapest out of all of these creams. However, you don’t receive a lot in a stick so you may need to buy a couple, or a larger size to ensure you don’t run out. It has a long lasting non-greasy formulation. The formula is skin safe and child safe as well. Life Chamois Butt’r Body Glide has a women’s specific formula called Body Glide For Her made with Coconut and almond essentials. They also offer a Body Glide Foot Glide, designed to protect against blisters from rubbing shoes. The Foot Glide is made with apricot and comfrey leaf essentials.

Blue Steel Sports – Anti-Chafe Cream

Anti-ChafeHeadquartered in Redmond, Washington Blue Steel has taken its time in designing triathlete specific skin products. Which include soap, hair removal wax strips, and their triathlete specific formulation for their anti-chafe cream. The cream prevents against blisters, skin rashes, and saddle sores. The cream is made with an all natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial formula containing tea tree oil.

It goes on really well and doesn’t have a sticky or greasy feel. It prevents against chafing really well and reminds me of the Chamois Butt’r when applying it. Blue Steel hasn’t been around as long as Body Glide or Chamois Butt’r, but they sure do make a quality product that lasts all day.

Chamois Cream Tips and Tricks –

  • If you are racing especially for 140.6 distance races, there isn’t a lot of room on your body to carry an entire tube of cream. So instead take a small handful and smear it under your seat. It probably will leave a mess, but if you experience some discomfort you’ll have access to it at any point in the race.
  • Using a little cream while swimming is going to prevent wetsuit rub. I usually rub it on the back of my neck and I’ll be good for an entire race.
  • Running a marathon or half marathon can cause some chafing and redness. Therefore make sure you train in your race kit to know where the hot spots may occur. Preventing inflammation before it happens.

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