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When it comes to finding either a hobby outside of triathlons, or even something to cross train that pertains to swimming, biking, and running. There is nothing better than Xterra Paddle Boards. For most when they see or hear Xterra they think of the premier wetsuit brand. However, within the past few years, Xterra has grown to offer one of the best inflatable paddle boards. As a result, we had to see for ourselves and see what makes the Xterra Paddle Boards such an important factor for training or recreation.

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Xterra Paddle Boards History –

xterra paddle boardsSince 2001, Xterra wetsuits have strived to be the leading manufacturer for speed, durability, and comfort. Look at any triathlon starting line up and you’ll spot Xterra wetsuits among the athletes. Established in San Diego, California Xterra began designing their wetsuits with four simple concepts; speed, comfort, buoyancy, and value. As soon as you begin to look for a new wetsuit you’ll realize that Xterra left none of these out in helping create some of the best wetsuits.

With Xterra’s appreciation and love for the water as inflatable paddleboards came to market, they saw a need for those same four concepts. However, this time applied to SUP or stand up paddle boards instead of wetsuits. Therefore, Xterra’s paddleboard division and the brand was created to partner well with their wetsuits and appreciation for open water.

10′ Inflatable Xterra Paddle Boards –

Features – xterra paddle boards

  • 10′ Long / 6″ Thick / 30″ Wide
  • Comfort Deck Pad and Handle
  • Twin Outer Fins
  • Weight Capacity – 250lbs

Benefits –

  • Large Removeable Center Fin
  • Bungee Deck Rigging
  • Double-sided Reinforcement
  • Rigid Drop-Stitch

Design –

When it comes to owning or purchasing an inflatable paddle board such as Xterra Paddle Boards there are design features that you must have. First and foremost the paddle board has to be packable and easy to store. Thankfully, all Xterra Paddle Boards are inflatable. Therefore, you can place them in your car or even on your back for a hike-in lake spot. Whereas, using an epoxy or rigged paddleboard doesn’t give you this freedom.

Xterra was very careful when they designed this paddle board for strength and stability. First, the dimensions of 10′ x 6″ x 30″ were thought out very carefully to ensure that it won’t sag or bend once blown up to capacity. This allows you to paddle with streamline stability.

Lastly, Xterra designed the 10′ Xterra Paddle Boards with plenty of features that make them easy to carry such as the center handle. They also incorporated D-rings for ankle leash supports. They even went as far as offer bungee cables to help carry small items like a jacket or waterproof bag.

Construction –

One of the hardest aspects of an inflatable paddle board is the construction. It’s very difficult to make a soft rollable product durable and strong enough to become a paddle board. Xterra uses an advanced drop stitch and double-sided reinforcement material so the entire board has the durability for paddleboarding and the conditions you’ll encounter. The last thing you would want is a paddle board to deflate or rupture while using it. Xterra ensures that they use reinforced military/industrial-grade material. The material selection and construction, therefore, allows a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Providing a well balanced and smooth ride.

Packing Xterra Paddle Boards –

Paddleboards are one of the most difficult items to transport since they can’t collapse or fold up. It’s like owning a canoe or a kayak. They tend to take up a lot of space and have to be placed on your vehicle’s roof or purchase a trailer. However, inflatable paddle boards are one of the best alternatives to the large and oversized epoxy paddle boards.

Inflatable paddle boards such as the Xterra paddle boards can be deflated and rolled up to fit into a trunk or pickup truck. Therefore, they make for the perfect addition to your open water swim session. As soon as you get done training or just need to work on some cross training, all you have to do is pull an Xterra paddle board out from your trunk and hit the lake.

Not only are Xterra Paddle Boards easy to carry to the lake or river, but once you get home as well. If you live in a small apartment or have a garage full of triathlon bikes and trainers you may be running out of room. Therefore, having a paddle board that packs up inside a small duffle bag is essential for space saving.

Carrying Xterra Paddle Boards –xterra paddle boards

If you tend to live near great parks and hiking trails surrounded by lakes or rivers. An inflatable paddle board such as the Xterra Paddle Boards are the easiest ones to use. Included in the kit is a carrying duffle bag that can be placed on your back. Therefore, allowing you to go on a hike to location or beach where it may be a walk in before you hit the water.

The packable carrying feature also allows you to walk to a beach or lake with your spouse or training partner and have someone as your open water spotter. One of the dangers of open water swimming is of course drowning. Even some of the most experienced swimmers can have complications that can lead to injury or accidents. However, if you have a training partner that’s willing to paddle alongside you. The inflatable Xterra Paddle Boards are easy to use and extremely mobile.

Included In Xterra Paddle Boards Kit – xterra paddle boards

  • 10′ Inflatable Paddle Board
  • Premium three Piece Aluminum Paddle
  • Removable Center 6″ Fin
  • Carrying Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • Ankle Leash
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re looking to find an all-inclusive paddle board package that won’t break the bank there is no better option than Xterra Paddle Boards. Whenever I’ve tried to get into a hobby or even look for a new training device I usually go over budget in the first week. As for most triathlon training products you need to add numerous other items to make it useful. For example, take a new bike, for instance, you get a bike, yet you need bottle cages, helmets, shoes, computers, etc. before you know it you’ve spent an additional $500 dollars without even blinking.

However, when you purchase an Xterra Paddle Board package you get everything you need to hit the lake beside a swimsuit. You’ll have everything you need to carry, blow up your paddle board and use it. Very few epoxy paddle boards have the included items found in Xterra’s package.

For Xterra Boards, Value and price are two of the main concepts they hold high. There are few options on the market that offer the same durability and features for the same price. Plus when it comes to ordering online Amazon is by far the lowest price for all Xterra Paddle Boards. Aslo considering they are about 30 pounds in weight shipping is completely free for all Amazon orders. The only thing you have to decide is the color option that fits your style.

Red & Black 10′ Xterra Paddle Boards –

xterra paddle boards

White & Black 10′ Xterra Paddle Boards –

xterra paddle boards

Red 10′ Xterra Paddle Boards –

xterra paddle boards

Pink 10′ Xterra Paddle Boards –

xterra paddle boards

Best Uses For Xterra Paddle Boards –

The versatility inflatable paddleboards offer are near endless since the world is covered in 70% water. However, we thought we’d share with you some of our favorite and top rated uses for Xterra Paddle Boards.

1. Training –

This one provides the best of both worlds for triathletes. When it comes to open water swimming the need for a spotter and support is essential for safety and security. Therefore, with the ability to take an Xterra Paddleboard essentially to any race or training site you can think of. Plus we’ve found them to be more mobile and easier to use than an old fashion kayak or canoe.

One tip when you have long distances to train in open water is to have your paddler out front so you have a sighting object. Plus it offers a lot more visibility to other motorized boats that may be using the same body of water.

2. Cross Training –

Instead of having your training partner use the paddle board, you can use the paddle board. There are plenty of benefits to exercising with a paddle board. It helps train stability and works on your core muscles, which are extremely important for any triathlete. Paddleboarding each week will easily increase your strength, core, and balance.

3. Recreation –

If you’re looking for an offseason hobby or even a mid-season break from swimming, biking, and running. Learning to paddle board is a great activity that will not only provide some much needed mental downtime but it still will providing plenty of added strength and core benefits.

Benefits Of A Xterra Paddle Boards –

Of course, there is a magnitude of materials and designs for paddle boards. However, for triathletes, there is nothing better than inflatable paddle boards. They offer plenty of benefits as you can read below.

Portability –

One of the best benefits of an inflatable paddle board is the portability. It’s extremely easy to carry an inflatable paddle board, due to the fact that they can roll or fold very compact. Therefore, when you are planning on going out to the lake or river, they can be transported in just about any type of vehicle. Whereas, a fiberglass or epoxy paddleboard can only be carried on the roof of your vehicle.  Therefore, it can be an added cost to need paddle board racks to carry your board.

Inflatable paddle boards provide the best option for triathletes who already own bikes, wetsuits, and plenty of other training gear. As a result, if you are planning on doing an open water swim your spouse or friend can easily join and utilize your paddle board.

Storage –

When it comes to storage full-size epoxy or fiberglass paddleboards require a garage for storage. Some of the boards can be 13-14′ long. Therefore, you will need a lot of space just to store your paddle board. However, with an inflatable paddle board, they roll up and even store in their very own storage bag. This way they can be stored in a basement, attic, apartment, really anywhere. I live in an area where winter is pretty brutal and long so it’s nice being able to store my inflatable paddleboard out of the way for the season to ensure it doesn’t get ruined. Inflatable paddle boards provide a lot of options due to the fact that they can pack up so easily for storage.

Easy Entry To Sport –

For any water sports activity from kayaking to canoeing, it can be quite expensive to get in to. Considering the paddles, kayak, kayak racks, and life jackets, etc. The gear can easily get over $1,000 dollars quickly. Even owning a fiberglass or epoxy paddleboard can sometimes be as much as $1,000-$1,500. However, with inflatable paddle boards, their entry to the sport is far less and in some cases less than $500. The option to get into a sport with a high-quality product for less than $500 is one of the best parts about inflatable paddle boards, you don’t have to go over budget to get a nice board.

Cost –

As we mentioned above, the cost is a large reason why inflatable paddle boards are very popular for so many people. At a significantly lower price than epoxy or fiberglass paddleboards, it’s easy to get two inflatable paddle boards for less than the price of one epoxy board. Plus sometimes you never are really sure how many times a summer you’ll have the opportunity to utilize a paddle board. Therefore, having a low-cost option is a great start to getting into the sport.

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